Fiery-throated Hummingbird (Panterpe insignis), Costa Rica

(photos: T - David Bygott; B - Hans Zwitzer)

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I’m collecting for someone who..

A clever campaign from Publicis for the charity The Passage catching the public’s attention by using reverse messages on cardboard signs (typically associated with homelessness)

Public is: “The idea was simple: give each volunteers sign highlighting the purpose of The Passage in a unique way.”

And during the three hours the signs were being used in Victoria station, London, donations increased by over 25%. A success!

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A short profile of natural body jewelry company Onetribe and its head artisan Jared Karnes. Compiled from audio and video recorded over several days of hanging out and talking about what it means to be a maker, and the process of creation.

Jared really completely amazes me.  I absolutely love his dedication and his level of skill.  He’s a role model of mine.  I really hope he and I get the chance to talk in person one day…over a hot cup of tea.  This video only makes me want to meet him more.

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“I do what I want.”

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AJ Fosik, Lamplighter to the Promised Land Opening Night, 2012 

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Curious Otter Pile-Up
Thanks, kashiwaya920!


Curious Otter Pile-Up

Thanks, kashiwaya920!

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Natalie Wood 1950’s

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Check out these beautiful sculptures by Lionel Bawden that are made out of colored pencils!

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